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Home Office Video Studio Setup

This was written for one of my clients, Elisabeth. She is about to embark on video podcasting and presentation and wanted some advice on using her home office for her video shoots. I hope you find this post useful, its a starting point to assist you as you explore the equipment, such as …

Written by Martin on Thursday October 10, 2019

The Colour Mauve

Mauve turns 161 years old this year.  Its an invented colour first created in 1856  by a British chemist called William Perkin . Few people realise that Mauve is a product of the industrial revolution and for a while caused quite a stir when introduced (and then popularised) by 19th Century …

Written by Martin on Wednesday August 30, 2017

Abstract: The art of design - Netflix original documentary

I recently completed watching Abstract on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed each episode of the eight-part series.  It was gratifying to see that designers were chosen from a broad range of design environments and spread between Europe and North America. Hopefully, the next series will feature …

Written by Martin on Wednesday July 19, 2017