Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Yes its the "silly season" and so Martalli Design wanted to contribute to it with our animated Christmas and New Year wishes to you.  

Written by Martin on Monday December 17, 2018

Finessing your customer relationship

Disclosure: No, this is not a paid ad! I'm just impressed with how some Australian businesses, in this instance Australia Post, are using the digital revolution taking place to help small businesses develop their business, and I'd like my clients to know about the opportunities created. …

Written by Martin on Thursday August 16, 2018

Putting the sound of music on your website

Recently I was searching for some music to put on this website (I still haven't found exactly what I want) and during my search I discovered numerous ways you get permission to use music.  Some forms of permission are real “gotchas” for designers and website builders. Proceed with caution, but I …

Written by Martin on Friday September 29, 2017

The Colour Mauve

Mauve turns 161 years old this year.  Its an invented colour first created in 1856  by a British chemist called William Perkin . Few people realise that Mauve is a product of the industrial revolution and for a while caused quite a stir when introduced (and then popularised) by 19th Century …

Written by Martin on Wednesday August 30, 2017

Abstract: The art of design - Netflix original documentary

I recently completed watching Abstract on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed each episode of the eight-part series.  It was gratifying to see that designers were chosen from a broad range of design environments and spread between Europe and North America. Hopefully, the next series will feature …

Written by Martin on Wednesday July 19, 2017

Defining some risks

Insurance, Fraud, Copyright, Consumer law, Online Comments and Trolls  Insurance Insurance is unavoidable and essential. Yes, it contributes to your costs of doing business online. Check out this article from Business Insider about insurance  and costs may rise , and this one from the …

Written by Martin on Tuesday December 13, 2016

Other costs and the completion of the eCommerce solution

How big is your catalogue? The products and services you are intending to offer online have particular characteristics and these may affect how you present them on your website. For example, prestige or high quality products. To fully convey to prospective purchasers the quality and …

Written by Martin on Wednesday June 29, 2016

The eCommerce process - what you need to know

What is an online transaction? The sale as the consumer most likely sees it Briefly there are two parts to the transaction, though it's the authorisation part that most consumers are interested in:    Source & Copyright 2011, Pathway Payment   While clearing and …

Written by Martin on Thursday June 2, 2016


Sadly much of the online presence that organisations and businesses accept has left them feeling the way Douglas Adams expressed it: We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. Douglas Adams Its a sentiment that typifies many of the interactio…

Written by Martin on Monday December 21, 2015

Welcome! Martalli Design launches - in a quiet way

Launching just before Christmas means starting the New Year with some very clear objectives.  That's important for the business to know where its going.  It has also clarified some key values that make up the business: Designing an online presence, using technology not being its servant and …

Written by Martin on Thursday December 17, 2015