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The Dark Arts?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is sometimes described as a "dark art". Rather than take a deep dive into it I've provided a brief explanation here, and a link to Googles explanation too. Further down I've included some trends that are starting to emerge and which we will have to deal with on our own websites.

SEO: A brief explanation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) isn't really optimising the search engine. It's actually optimising your website's content on behalf of the search engines that visit your site. Doing this means that those potential customers who are looking for your products or services will have a higher chance of finding your business.

Optimisation works at several levels.

It starts with the initial design of your site, how and where it is hosted, the frequency that the content is updated and the "rules" that search engine providers, for example Google, expect you to obide by.  Depending on which of the rules you transgress will lead to some form of penalty, usually leading to a reduced "ranking" within search results.

That's why getting the fundamentals right is important.  Its expensive to modify once your site is launched and not just in money terms, but also time.  The more time your site spends in its poorly optimised state could be costing you customers.


A good starting point to deepen your understanding of Google's approach to SEO can be found here in their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

SEO trends

There are lots of people trying to read the future, here are a couple of articles written about a year ago anticipating some trends:

These articles also highlighted some interesting trends that will likely gather more momentum in 2020:

  • Voice Search

    • Voice search is probably going to grow larger over the next two to three years simply reflecting the growing use of devices like Alexa (and voice systems like Siri on Apple's iOS devices). Lilach Bulloch in Forbes magazine has quoted a source stating that as much as 50% of searches by 2020 will be by voice.
  • Apple and Amazon

    • Finally Higher Visibility put together a short list of items that they see as key requirements in creating good SEO characteristics on your website.  Google have search engines locked down but large eCommerce sites like Amazon and Apple are coming into their own and control significant resources and inventories that Google have no direct influence over. And as Higher Visibility point out, Content is Still King.  Finally Moz has highlighted an issue that is coming more into focus, as they say: "Expect Google to find more and more ways to replace organic search with solutions that keep users on Google’s property." Its worthwhile keeping an eye on this trend.

What you can do

SEO is not a mysterious process, though it can be demanding to carry out. At Martalli Design we're big believers in putting our clients in control, but when they need assistance we're ready. Talk to us so that you can better understand and control SEO for your business. 

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Written by Martin on Thursday September 19, 2019

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