The Port Fairy Brewing Company - website and label

An imaginary Beer (and brewery and pub!)

The beer label project was done for a project back in 2015 while attending Swinburne University completing my Diploma of Digital Media Studies. The aim was to come up with a range of products (or services), then build a website to promote the them.

Choose beer

There were many reasons behind choosing beer as the product. At the time the phrase "craft beer" was generating lots of comment in the media, along with discussions about what (or what shouldn't) go on beer labels. With many beers hitting the market and with valuable insights into the beer manufacturing and retailing of beer from industry insiders beer was chosen as the product. This idea was further developed so that the website was to represent a small craft brewery and its line of three beers. A trio of beer labels were developed and a temporary website was built and named (after the imaginary brewery): The Port Fairy Brewing Company. The brewery produced three types of beer: A Blonde Lager, a Brown Stout and an Amber Ale.

The Project

The goal for the project wasn't just the label but also the website. But designing a beer label, even one as simple as this was a decent sized project. In the end a notable feature of the local town of Port Fairy, its light house, was chosen to be the focal point of the label. A basic drawing was made of the lighthouse, rendered into an appropriate electronic format then brought into the label. The label itself was intended to be transpartent and the colour of the beer to complement the illustration portrayed on the label. The project including  the labels and website was very successfully completed. 

Designing the online presence

While this project pre-dated the establishment of Martalli Design its important to note that if the project had not been conceived of as a business (albeit imaginary) the success of the project would have been significantly lessened.

All design projects (including imaginary scenarios), for what ever is being designed, reside within a context that invariably comes back to resources, and almost always those resources are limited.  Notable constraints, amongst many, are time (as always), but so to is budget and indirectly some aspects of the technology used in the site.


Inspiration for the website design was drawn from Meantime Brewery in Greenwich, London, UK, and Two Birds in Spotswood, Melbourne, Australia

Written by Martin on Friday July 13, 2018

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