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Finessing your customer relationship

Disclosure: No, this is not a paid ad! I'm just impressed with how some Australian businesses, in this instance Australia Post, are using the digital revolution taking place to help small businesses develop their business, and I'd like my clients to know about the opportunities created. …

Written by Martin on Thursday August 16, 2018

Kerr & Holland - A new website

Late last year KERR & HOLLAND approached Martalli Design to re-develop their existing website into a more dynamic site and one that more accurately presented the business culture and ethos of KERR & HOLLAND. Establishing some key business goals for the site was the main concern of the directors.

Written by Martin on Friday July 13, 2018

Defining some risks

Insurance, Fraud, Copyright, Consumer law, Online Comments and Trolls  Insurance Insurance is unavoidable and essential. Yes, it contributes to your costs of doing business online. Check out this article from Business Insider about insurance  and costs may rise , and this one from the …

Written by Martin on Tuesday December 13, 2016